Review: Mould King 13138 The Flying Dutchman

In the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series, the Flying Dutchman is an alluring and mysterious ship with a captivating backstory that hooks readers.

 Legend has it that the Flying Dutchman was once an ordinary merchant vessel sailing the treacherous waters of the Caribbean. But a devastating storm changed everything.

 The crew was cursed, forever condemned to roam the seas without setting foot on land. This cursed ship took on an eerie appearance, covered in seaweed and shells, a haunting reminder of its former glory.

Its crew transformed into terrifying undead beings, relentlessly pursuing other pirate ships in a desperate bid to break the curse.

 With its chilling history, striking appearance, and haunting presence, the Flying Dutchman stands out as one of the most enigmatic and captivating ships in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series.

The Mould King 13138 Flying Dutchman is an extraordinary product assembled from 3653 building blocks, making it a remarkable feat of engineering.

This expert-level building set may require some time to assemble, but the end result is a ship measuring nearly 85 centimeters in length and 60 centimeters in height.

Its astonishing level of detail will transport you to the world of true gun-wielding pirates.

The double cannons on each side of the hull, three towering masts, and the watchtower will immerse you in another era, while the iconic octopus head logo on the deck and stern will remind you that you are the captain of this mighty vessel.

 With the Mould King 13138 Flying Dutchman, you can recreate the mystique and allure of this legendary ghost ship, bringing a piece of maritime history into your own hands.

Start to build The Flying Dutchman

Building the Flying Dutchman is a complex process that requires patience and focus. Before diving in, it’s important to take the time to familiarize yourself with the instruction manual, ensuring you understand each step. Let’s embark on this journey together, exploring the depths of this remarkable ship’s construction.

Step 1: Structure Construction

Begin by constructing the basic structure of the model starting from the hull, and gradually add components such as planks and masts. Follow the instructions in the manual to ensure proper assembly of each part using appropriate connection methods such as inserting or securing screws.

Step 2: Adding Details

As the model gradually takes shape, start adding detailed components such as cabins, decks, and sails. Proceed step by step following the instructions provided in the manual.

Step 3: Troubleshooting

If you encounter any issues during the construction process, such as mismatched parts or unstable components, don’t panic. First, carefully read the troubleshooting solutions provided in the manual and attempt to adjust or fix the problem as advised. If no explicit solution is provided, rely on your judgment and creativity to try different approaches to resolve the issue.

Step 4: Handling Fragile Parts

During the construction process, certain parts may be more delicate and prone to damage, such as structural connection points or sails. Handle these parts with care, avoiding unnecessary collisions or applying excessive pressure. If necessary, use appropriate glue or supports at connection points to reinforce structural stability.

Step 5: Completing the Model

After finishing the main structure and detailed components of the model, perform final adjustments and checks. Thoroughly inspect the positioning and connections of each part, ensuring all pieces are correctly installed without omissions or errors. If needed, make minor adjustments and repairs to ensure the model’s stability and integrity.

Step 6: Adding Accessories

Following the instructions in the manual, add accessories to the model, such as waxed thread or patterned stickers. Ensure proper attachment of accessories and make personal adjustments and placements according to preferences.

My Review of Mould King 13138


Great value for money——The price is definitely reasonable for the size of the ship, and it is a good value for the number of pieces included.

Excellent quality——Delivering part quality comparable to the LEGO brand, ensuring models look and feel authentic, with bright colors and interlocking blocks completing the aesthetic.

The bricks lock together nicely, are impressively durable and resilient, and resemble Lego bricks in appearance and stability.

After-sales service is guaranteed——The customer service provided by the company is exceptional, showing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Lucidly articulated manual——The instructions are clear, making it manageable for experienced builders to complete the set successfully.

Exquisitely executed——The level of detail in the build is impressive, including features like the captain’s cabin with the organ from the film.


Prone to detachment——The front prow of the ship, comprising a large section of pieces, tends to detach easily and requires additional measures to keep it attached securely.

Ineffective component——May be crushed during shipping, resulting in twisted or unusable parts, creating challenges during build and possibly unsatisfactory end result

Not friendly for beginner builder——The set may not provide a satisfactory experience for beginners, especially inexperienced causing it to fall off easily without adequate support, requiring extra care and attention during construction, requiring more skill and patience to complete, May not have the desired effect.

a few words

Overall, if you’re a Flying Dutchman enthusiast, Mould King‘s Flying Dutchman is definitely worth considering, especially since this model is currently exclusively available from this brand nationwide.

While it does have its shortcomings, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

It’s possible that only those with limited experience might perceive it unfavorably.

Why not take up the challenge and see for yourself?

Explore the captivating world of the Flying Dutchman and embark on an unforgettable adventure with Mould King’s rendition.

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