Best Gift Ideas for Initial-D Fans

There is such a cartoon that has been adapted into cartoons, games and movies.

 It has influenced many young people who love racing around the world, and has directly promoted drift racing to become a very popular car event in the Asia-Pacific region.

This comic is Initial D.

The cartoon “Initial D” can be said to be the starting point for a generation to get in touch with racing, and it is the place where the dream of racing is awakened.

In Initial D, the personalities of many of the supercar are intertwined with the characters themselves.

When you think about it, cars can be seen as individuals, just like you, me and everyone else in reality.

Today, let us relive our childhood memories together, review several classic racing cars in “Initial D”, and see which racing car fits our personality best? Let us use the racing car as a mirror to peep into our own character.


As the car driven by the protagonist Takumi Fujiwara, the AE86 is more than just a chassis number.

Its real name is the Toyota Sprinter Trueno 3door GT-Apex, a renowned small and lightweight FR (front rear drive) representative.

With a mere 925kg empty weight, it’s no wonder the AE86 can outperform higher-horsepower cars in downhill races.

Start your engines, sports car fans!

The Mould King 27013 AE86 Initial D Mini Roadster building kit is the perfect choice for beginners.

It includes all the necessary parts and allows you to build a static version without requiring an electric motor or lithium battery.

 With a length of over 16 cm and a height of approximately 5.1 cm, this kit offers a compact yet impressive representation of the AE86.

But the fun doesn’t end there – the set also features a cool display case specifically designed to keep your brick creation safe and clean, ready to be proudly showcased in your favorite spot.

So, what are you waiting for? Every car enthusiast deserves to own an AE86.


The second car to be highlighted is Ryosuke Takahashi’s racing car, the Mazda RX-7FC.

This car is equipped with a rotary engine, which is a unique four-stroke internal combustion engine without pistons.

The rotary engine provides powerful performance, but it also has notable drawbacks such as high fuel consumption, significant pollution, and safety concerns, leading to its ban in many places.

Ryosuke Takahashi’s car belongs to the second-generation RX-7.

which not only incorporates design elements inspired by the Porsche 924 but also exudes a hidden power beneath its understated appearance. It perfectly reflects Ryosuke Takahashi’s character.

Let me see, is there an RX-7 missing from your collection cabinet at home?

It was really guessed by me, so I will focus on introducing this Mould King 27016 RX7 FD35 Car Model Building Set. With a length of 16.5cm and a height of 5cm, this model is compact enough to fit on your desk or bookshelf. With only 329 pieces, it’s a great choice for young or novice builders, providing a confidence-building experience.

Featuring a steering wheel, streamlined bodywork, a clear eco-friendly windshield, a wide rear spoiler, and sliding tires, this car model is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Similar to the AE86, this RX7 kit also includes a display case to keep the model clean and add an element of mystery.

MOULD KING 27014 The GTR R32

G-TR32, the car of Takeshi Nakasato, known as the Japanese national treasure sports car, the legendary Japanese God of War, is also the most cost-effective supercar, with a limit acceleration of 2.7 seconds to break a hundred.

Nissan launched this beast in August 1989, inheriting the lineage of Nissan’s famous racing series Skyline.

Equipped with a classic RB26DETT engine and equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox,The front and rear independent multi-link suspension is equipped with Nissan ATTESA E-TS four-wheel drive technology to make GT-32 perform well in both straight lines.

This car is as arrogant and impulsive as Li Yi’s character in the play, with a little bit of self-righteousness.

Take a look at the only Mould King 27014 The GTR R32 Mini Sports Car Building Set on the entire network. This well-designed car model truly reproduces the GTR R32 sports car. It supports door opening, steering wheel rotation and wheel movement to increase playability sex.

The body length is 17.1 cm, the height is almost 5 cm, and it is equipped with an exclusive display cabinet.

All parts are easy to assemble for a hassle-free building experience.


In “Initial D”, Fujiwara Takumi’s AE86 exploded for the first time because of Suto Kyoichi’s EVO III, which made Takumi’s old AE86 engine completely scrapped.

Later, Fujiwara Bunta replaced the AE86 with a 4A-GEU engine.

That’s right, what we will introduce next is the EVO III, the car of Sudo Kyoichi, the leader of the Imperial team. His EVO III is equipped with a Miss Firing System ignition system, which can greatly reduce the turbo lag caused by the large turbo.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Ⅲ is a representative turbocharged sports car in Japan.

The Japanese market has been modifying the LANCE REVOLUTION series for more than ten years.

 The Lancer Evolution car series is a legend of the world’s performance cars. Its previous models have appeared in various racing games. Rates are always very high.

At this point, we have listed all the four major racing cars of the protagonist in the play.

 Unfortunately, there is no Lego building model of EVO III on the market.

 Looking at the display stand, the racing cars of “Initial D” are gathered In the classroom, only one figure was missing, and a sense of loss could not help but surge in my heart.

I hope that after reading this blog, merchants can realize that our youthful memories are missing. There will always be a place for Mitsubishi LANCER EVOLUTIONⅢ on my collection cabinet.

In conclusion, “Initial D” holds a special place in the hearts of racing enthusiasts and fans worldwide.

This iconic manga and anime series not only introduced us to the exhilarating world of racing but also intertwined the personalities of its beloved characters with the cars they drove.

Whether it’s the legendary AE86, the powerful RX-7, the mighty GTR R32, or the formidable Lancer Evolution III, each car represents a unique reflection of its owner’s spirit and character.

As we revisit our cherished childhood memories, it’s only natural to feel a sense of longing when we notice a missing figure on our display stands.

The Mould King building kits, such as the AE86, RX-7, and GTR R32, offer an opportunity to recreate these iconic cars and proudly showcase them in our favorite spots.

While the EVO III might be absent from the market, its significance remains unforgotten, leaving a void waiting to be filled.

Let this blog serve as a reminder to merchants and enthusiasts alike that our nostalgic attachments are not easily forgotten.

Each racing car from “Initial D” carries a piece of our youthful memories and deserves a place of honor in our collection cabinets.

May these engaging gift ideas inspire fans to celebrate their love for “Initial D” and keep the spirit of racing alive for generations to come.

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